Sharp EL-805. Operates up to 21/2 mo

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Sharp EL-805. Operates up to 21/2 months on one penlite battery! The first mass-precision calculator—no chance of human error—with exclusive Sharp substratum glass panel board. Big 8 digit readout of liquid crystal; the brighter the room, the easier to read. Full 4 functions plus constant. Chain and mixed calculation. 61/4 ounces.

Sharp CS-523. Like 2 machines in 1. A high-capability calculator plus a 10 key adding machine. Performs complex calculations, percentages, discounts. 12 digit print-out. Red print for negative numbers. Add Mode.
Automatic decimal.

Sharp CS-626. With 12 digit capacity. Accumulating memory register. Plus all the capabilities of CS-523.

Sharp EL-804. Sharp's smallest, most economical desk-top calculator. Fits the slimmest briefcase, even your coat pocket. Adds. Subtracts. Multiplies. Divides. Does chain and mixed calculations. With a constant for repetitive multiplying and dividing; floating decimal; overflow error indicator; automatic clearance. Big, easy-to-read 8 digit capacity.

Sharp EL-814. Micro size, maxi features—all in 14 ounces. Pop-up visor automatically turns on machine. Performs chain and mixed 8 digit calculations. Memory and constant. Floating decimal. Rechargeable battery or plug-in.

Sharp EL-811. Full 16 digit capacity through underflow. Memory. Constant. Rechargeable battery or plug-in.

Sharp CS-243V. With "fail-safe" automatic accounts verification system. Like 2 the cost of 1. Other capabilities: 14 digit capacity; automatic round-off; constant; punctuation; floating decimal. Pre-set decimal answers.

Sharp PC-1001. Miniature miracle! 8 register, 64 step programmable. 51/2" x 87/e" x 23/4". 2.4 lbs. Hardwire scientific and engineering functions: logs, trig, hyperbolic and exponential functions. Square root, pi. and scientific notations. 10 digits.

Sharp CS-126. Super-smart, super portable desk-top unit. Full-functioning large 12 digit capacity. Easy-to-read zero suppression numeral display. Performs chain and mixed calculations. True credit balance system. Constant. Floating decimal. Rounding off/down. Overflow error check. Automatic clearing.

Sharp CS-364R. 3 memory, 16 digit capacity. With verification register so you can instantly check answers against what is stored in memory. It's like a fourth memory... for price of 3. Performs deep thinking: square root extraction; percentage;. rounding up/ down; Add Mode; item count; sum of first factors.

Sharp CS-364P. Programmable with 12 memories. Up to 288 program steps. Jump and sub-routines. Magnetic cards for storage. Optional printer.

Sharp CS-363P. Two programs of 144 steps to each magnetic card. Built-in decision making. 7 memories. Constants. Square root extraction.

Sharp CS-628. 12 digit printer and electronic display combined. Use both—individually or simultaneously. Combines calculator efficiency with adding machine speed. Memory. Add Mode Selector. Ultra-large print..

Sharp CS-627. 12 digits. Memory. Add Mode. High speed buffer register. Zero suppression. Automatic credit balance and punctuation. Overflow error check.

Sharp CS-743R. World's fastest printer. 14 digit answers. Performs chain and mixed calculations, square root extraction, first factor accumulation, percentage, rounding up/off/down. Easy-to-read red printing for negative entries and answers. 2 memories, 3 registers. Add Mode. Constant. Overflow error check.


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