Save $200 on America's #1 Portable Computer

Save $200 on America's #1 Portable Computer

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Titolo: Save $200 on America's #1 Portable Computer

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Data della fonte: May 1984

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Testo originale: Save $200 on America's #1 Portable Computer

Radio Shack's TRS-80 Model 100 Comes with Five Built-1n Programs!
• Personal Word Processor
• Appointment Scheduler
• Address/Phone Directory
• Telephone Auto-Dialer
• BASIC Programming Language
Since its introduction, the TRS-80 Model 100 has become the most highly-acclaimed lap-size computer ever. Why? Because it's a true portable that includes a built-in modem and full-size typewriter keyboard. And Model 100 works on batteries or with an optional AC adapter.
Ready to Use
Turn on Model 100 and select a program listed on the easy-to-read display. With the self-contained communication program and modem, you can send and receive data by phone. Add a cassette recorder and use ready-to-run software, too. You can also expand with a printer, disk storage, standard video display and bar code reader.
Hurry—Sale Ends May 31, 1984
Get your own Model 100 today at the Radio Shack Computer Center, participating store or dealer nearest you.
8K Model 100
$599,00 As Low As $35 Per Month On CitiLine Credit
Reg. 799.00
24K Model 100
Reg. 999,00
As Low As $45 Per Month On Citiline Credit

Radio Shack
The Technology Store
Prices apply at participating Radio Shack stores and dealers.

Testo tradotto: Risparmia $200 sull'acquisto del computer portatile #1 in America

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