The POLY 88 Microcomputer System

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Titolo: The POLY 88 Microcomputer System

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If you are into computers or considering a system, the POLY 88 is the machine to contemplate.
•Popular 8080 central processor • Single-board CPU with ROM, RAM, vectored interrupt, real time clock, single-step logic and serial I/O • Video interface card - generates video to TV monitor and provides parallel keyboard input port • Serial and cassette mini-cards plug directly into CPU with ribbon cables • Cassette • ROM monitor with powerful debugger, video software, bootstrap loader • Backplane and power supply on one board simplifies construction • Rugged 6 amp power supply • All circuit boards are high quality, double-sided with plated-through holes • System is compatible with a wide range of Altair peripherals • Minimum point to point wiring means that the POLY 88 kit can go together in three evenings!

Software is the reason the POLY 88 was designed. The operator can proceed from higher level languages like BASIC to developing machine code with the aid of our assembler. Our BASIC is a full 8K BASIC with character and byte manipulation. Best of all, the programmer is finally free of the teletype emulation mode so the video display can be used to full advantage. The video display provides a unique opportunity to write new types of programs and games. Characters (16 lines of 64) and graphics (48 by 128 grid) are part of the processor's memory, so the display maybe altered rapidly — the entire screen written in less than 20 milliseconds. POLY 88 hardware provides many additional features that programmers have come to expect, such as vectored interrupt and real time clock.

The POLY 88 was designed for ease of use. No one should have to learn all the inner workings of computers just to enjoy one at a reasonable price. With the POLY 88, you can "play" pre-developed programs or explore the world of computer languages as your interests expand.

Want to develop a new computer language? Want to fight Klingons? The POLY 88 provides a firm foundation upon which to build your interests and develop your skills.

SYSTEM 1— Kit includes 8080 vectored interrupt processor with real time clock, 1 K of RAM and 1K monitor on ROM: Video Terminal Interface displays 16 lines of 32 characters on a video screen and has a keyboard input port; cabinet, backplane, and power supply; complete assembly, operation and theory manual. $595.
SYSTEM 2 — System 1 plus 64 character line option and Byte/biphase cassette interface kit. $690.
SYSTEM 3 — System 2 plus 8K of RAM with BASIC and assembler programs on cassette tape. $990. SYSTEM 4 — The complete kit. It includes system 3 and TV monitor, keyboard and cassette recorder with all necessary cables and connectors. $1350.
SYSTEM 7 — System 4 assembled, tested and ready to run. $1750.
ACCESSORIES — 8K RAM kit, $300. Assembled $385
POLY I/O Ideaboard, hardware prototyping kit board. $55. Analog Interface (1 channel) kit. $145.

Prices effective until January 15, 1976. Prepaid orders shipped postpaid.
PolyMorphic Systems 737 S. Kellogg, Goleta, CA 93017 (805) 967-2351

See it at your local computer store.

Testo tradotto: Il sistema microcomputer POLY 88

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