Introducing PMC-81

A New "Workalike" Comp

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Titolo: Introducing PMC-81

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Fonte pubblicazione: 80 Microcomputing Magazine

Data della fonte: December 1981

Linguaggio: en (English)

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Testo originale: INTRODUCING PMC-81
A New "Workalike" Computer In The PMC-80 Family
The PMC-81 is a disk oriented computer which maintains software compatibility with the disk-based Level II TRS-80 Model I computer as well as its sister PMC-80.
The PMC-81 starts with 16K of memory, 14K of ROM, utilizes a Z-80 microprocessor and contains a complete standard keyboard, built-in amplifier and speaker for sound, cassette interface and video monitor interface. Like the PMC-80. the PMC-81 uses the same EXP-100 Expander to add 32K more memory and interfaces for mini floppy disks, printer, RS-232C and S-100 bus.
As a workalike computer, the PMC-81 offers some extras over the original TRS80 Model I. First, the PMC computers are still in production and being sold as brand new units with software compatibility to all previous Model Is. Second, we offer S-100 bus interface as an option in our Expander. Third, our PMC-81 has a user callable keyboard routine that provides upper and lower case characters with an identifiable blinking cursor for each case plus automatic repeat for each key and a print screen command. Fourth, the PMC-81 has both a Host and a Dumb Terminal routine in the ROM which work with the optional RS-232C interface in the Expander to permit communication between two PMC-81s. The Dumb Terminal routine also may be used to communicate with timeshare networks or with bulletin boards.
Best of all, the price for either the PMC80 or PMC-81 is below the price of our competitor's offering.
Personal Micro Computers, Inc. —2
475 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA 94043 (415) 962-0220

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