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TANDY… clearly superior
Our new Tandy 1000 puts i

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Titolo: TANDY… clearly superior

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Testo originale: TANDY… clearly superior
Our new Tandy 1000 puts it all together for less...
including DeskMateTM disk software.
We've put it all together. The new Advanced Technology Tandy 1000 comes equipped with everything you need for personal computing—including multi-function user disk software.
We put word processing, spreadsheet analysis, electronic filing, telecommunications, a calendar and electronic mail all on one disk. We call it DeskMate. And it's included with every Tandy 1000.
The Tandy 1000 also lets you choose from programs like Lotus 1-2-3, the pfs:series, dBASE II and more.
And unlike IBM's PC, the Tandy 1000 includes adapters to use a monitor, printer, joysticks and light pen, plus "extras" like DOS and BASIC.
DeskMate software, easy user expansion and superb graphics make the Tandy 1000 clearly superior. It's the best $2000 personal computer you can buy... for only $1199.
Available at over 1200 Radio Shack Computer Centers and at Participating Radio Shack Stores and Dealers

Radio Shack

Testo tradotto: TANDY... chiaramente superiore

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